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I believe we are in an era of great leadership need. We have to step up and help people. The focus on transactional leadership is being replaced by institutional courage and servant leadership. Join me in the discussion. I'd love to speak at your next conference, workshop or gathering.

11 Steps to Promote Institutional Courage

(based on Freyd, 2018; updated March 2022)


  1. Comply with human rights laws and go beyond mere compliance; beware risk management

  2. Educate the institutional community (especially leadership)

  3. Add checks and balances to power structure and diffuse highly dependent relationships

  4. Respond well to victim disclosures (& create a trauma-informed reporting policy)

  5. Bear witness, be accountable, apologize

  6. Cherish the whistleblowers; cherish the truth tellers

  7. Conduct scientifically-sound anonymous surveys

  8. Regularly engage in self-study

  9. Be transparent about data and policy

  10. Use the organization to address the societal problem

  11. Commit on-going resources to 1-10



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