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Speaker. Author. Activist. Communicator.

Cupcakes and awareness days don't work. Many of the mental health challenges that beset people are totally preventable. We caused them. We created them and now it is our responsibility to fix them. We must make workplaces safe, end workplace bullying, stop harassment, pay people a living wage, end systems abuse and the intersectionality of such and build better tolerance for diversity and inclusion, address gender equity and stop Domestic and Family Violence. In short: we need to #start2care That takes COURAGE. Join me. 




"Modern Leadership is about human care. It is warm, empathetic and builds communities and teams."


Kathie draws on her extraordinary experience of conquering one seemingly insurmountable  health, career and leadership crisis, to help reframe our perspective on systems and life. In her relatable style, Kathie reminds us that it takes leaders who are courageous, and who have human care at the heart of their organisation often in a resistant direction where the sweet spot of care resides. 




“Even out of adversity can come incredible growth, so long as we have the courage to listen and care.”


Through courageous decision-making, Kathie shares how she overcame almost inconceivable life and death situations, often when no one had her back. Always drawing out the learning, Kathie shares how organisations prepared to have Brave Conversations embedded in care can be better equipped for everyday challenges – and major disruption – all while protecting our people and communities.



“Creating a purpose-driven culture that thrives through courage and servant leadership builds a better world for all.”


With the uncertainty comes the certainty of change. With so many of us ‘weary’, of bushfires, floods, the Pandemic, the new normal of working from home and the economic uncertainty that besets many organisations and people Kathie reminds us that now, more than ever, we can be those leaders who know how to shift the team mindset to embracing Courage and Care as the new mindset that enables a culture to thrive through change.


Jenny Clarke, Sydney

“Thank you for bringing insight to systemic abuse. Just because that is the way it is done does not mean we should not speak up when we notice harm to others"

Kelly Maines, London

"As a healthcare professional speaking up can sometimes be challenging but we don't change things by silence."

Lisa Driver, New York

“I realise my leadership has to evolve to a whole new level. Brave conversations, a speak up culture and servant leadership.”
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Ready to reset and show others how to #Start2Care?  I'm on a mission to take caring for ourselves and others to the next level and stop the totally preventable harm to our health. And it starts with you. If you are tired of people screaming for help and nobody listening, then you are in the right place. We are going to change that with the Start2Care movement.

Self Care & Care for others is at the heart of everything I do. It's all about Servant Leadership.